Sodaqoh Jariyah Al Quran for Muslims in rimland Areas

“For every words (Al-Qur’an) read by those who receive it will be a reward of your kindness”

Rasulullah SAW said, ‘One of the kindness whose reward continues to carry over to his grave is alms and bequeathing (endowing) the Qur’an (HR. Bukhari).

Kindness Friends,
In accordance with the hadist above, giving the Qur’an to people in need, InsyaAllah, the rewards will continue even after they decease. Menebar Kebaikan invites you (friends of goodness) to give the Al-Qur’an for childrens and villagers whose have Al-Qur’an which almost broken.

Every word read by those who receive it will be a reward of goodness that will always flow for you. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin. is a website that raises donations for a community that spreads good social change & education for the better. Friends who very kindness can contribute as donors and volunteers of kindness.

Bakti Pemuda Foundation is an Islamic philanthropic institution that supports sustainable development in the social and educational fields of rimland and suburban communities.

We started our journey in the world of philanthropy in 2002 with an educational scholarship program for the underprivileged in areas with limited access in West Java. Management is still with conventional methods.

The organizational values that we always uphold are Professional, Trustful, Independent, Inspirational and Caring

Head office : Comp. Ciputat Indah Permai Offices Block C2, Jl. Ir H Juanda No. 50 Pisangan,East Ciputat Tangsel 15419, Indonesia

Branch Office: Istana Cakalang Housing Complex
kav. 62 Jalan Ikan Tombro, Kel. polywijen,
district Blimbling, City of Malang, East Java 65142

Tel : 021-227-951-20
WA / SMS Center : 0813-1901-9065

Foundation / ORSOS Registration Number:
460/143-3-181 / Bid. Dayasos/2020



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