The worried musholla, help Ciboyong’s musholla.

“If it rains, I’m afraid it will collapse, I can’t accommodate many people either, because the musholla can’t hold it anymore, so they have to take turns,” said Mrs. Ikah, the teacher of musholla Ciboyong.

This musholla still doesn’t have a name, even though this musholla is important for children in Kampung Ciboyong so they can recite the Al-Qur’an and learn about islam.

Mushola Kp. Ciboyong, currently there is no place for take a whudu, Sajadah, and it hasn’t been renovated since 2019. People of Kp. Ciboyong is very sincere in taking care of this musholla without paying a money, Mrs. Ikah is also willing to teach the students there. Even though the income is less, far from sufficient. Since 2019, Mushola Kp. Ciboyong has never been renovated. Now the situation is very worrying. Starting from the roof which has a big hole, when the rainy season comes it causes a leak. Many of the bamboo floors have been damaged, no doubt children often fall on their feet while walking.

The condition of the floor which is uneven and has holes, makes children tired quickly while reciting the Al-Qur’an. Even for group prayers, they have to jostle and take turns. Many of the walls of the buildings have holes. “If there are people passing by, you can see that too,many children are dripping with rain water while reading the Al-Qur’an or praying, because of this condition,” said Mrs. Ikah, the Al-Qur’an teacher.

As many as 15 students recite the Al-Qur’an every day in this narrow Musholla. In fact, there are many childrens who want to recite the Al-Qur’an here because it is close to the Ciboyong village. However, because of the limited and worrying space, it cannot accommodate more childrens.

Great hopes of Abah Yopi (local RT alumni) to build and repair this mushollaa in Kp. ciboyong. But our financial condition does not enough. Because selling agricultural products continues to fall.

The people of Ciboyong Village really hope that there are #sahabat kebaikan who are kind enough to build the musholla Ciboyong to be nice and comfortable for worship.

#Friends of goodness, “If a child of Adam dies, then his deeds are cut off except for three things, charity, useful knowledge and a pious child who continues to pray.” (HR. Muslim)


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